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India - Headquarters Ascendas International Technology Park Zenith Building, Unit No: 1 & 4, 12th Floor Taramani Road, Taramani Chennai 600113 Phone: (+91) 44-3061-2100
Philippines Systems and Software Consulting Group, Inc. Unit 214-218 BUMA Bldg, 1012 Metropolitan Ave. San Antonio Village Makati City Philippines Phone: (632) 844-1753 / 754-8063 Fax: (632) 844-1754

Base60 AML is a robust solution built on latest technology with Service Oriented Architecture; it is a web based solution with an enterprise wide approach that analyzes both the client profiles and all of their transactions using Rules based scenarios, Patterns and Monetary Thresholds. Base60 AML is built on J2EE architecture, thus, help banks achieve greater convenience and ease of use and achieve faster roll-out with minimal infrastructure investment.