What we do?

Since 1997, OFS Base60 has been delivering specialist banking software solutions that deliver cost-effective, yet efficient, compliance solutions.

Why Base60?

Base60 AML has an enterprise wide approach in tracking and monitoring transactions focusing at hindering the persevering money laundering activities, efficiently and effectively.

Whom we serve?

We work with some of innovative banks in the Asia-pacific region including national banks and rural banks in India and the Philippines.

What our Customers say?

Our customers are our best references. We have earned the trust of banks and financial institutions over the years of service relationships.

How we help?

We help banks and financial institutions achieve complete regulatory compliance quickly and cost effectively.

Why partner with us?

Base60 values Channel Partners and see them as a real asset to our business. Our aim is to help Channel Partners grow and realize their business goals.

Base60 AML is a robust solution built on latest technology with Service Oriented Architecture; it is a web based solution with an enterprise wide approach that analyzes both the client profiles and all of their transactions using Rules based scenarios, Patterns and Monetary Thresholds. Base60 AML is built on J2EE architecture, thus, help banks achieve greater convenience and ease of use and achieve faster roll-out with minimal infrastructure investment.