Our Partners

Systems and Software Consulting Group, Inc. The Philippines

Systems and Software Consulting Group Inc. (SSCGI) offers a wide range of products and services designed for banks, enterprises and small businesses across a variety of industries in the Philippines.

Almost a decade ago, OFS united with SSCGI to explore the Philippines market for its banking platform.

SSCGI is the exclusive distributor of the Base60 AML and Base60TBS system in the Philippines.

Currently, we maintain nine (9) Universal and Commercial banks and four (4) Rural, Savings, and Microfinance banks as our customers for Base60AML. In short, SSCGI currently has the biggest market share and experience in the Philippine AML market.

3SC Technologies, headquartered in Dubai, is a system integrator, software solutions, services & consulting company.

For the Banking Sector, 3SC joined with OFS, makes technology simpler by providing class-apart Fraud Management & Anti-Money Laundering (Base60AML), and Electronic Funds Transfer payment software (Base60RTGS-NEFT) solutions.

3SC Technologies
3SC Technologies United Arab Emirates
Plasmedia Indonesia

Plasmedia is in operations since 1998 and has served hundreds of clients from multinational and publicly listed companies to government. They have delivered on more than 200 projects ranging from corporate websites to document management to business intelligence to various custom built solutions.

OFS has partnered with Plasmedia for exploring the market for our products and services in Indonesia region.

Base60 AML is a robust solution built on latest technology with Service Oriented Architecture; it is a web based solution with an enterprise wide approach that analyzes both the client profiles and all of their transactions using Rules based scenarios, Patterns and Monetary Thresholds. Base60 AML is built on J2EE architecture, thus, help banks achieve greater convenience and ease of use and achieve faster roll-out with minimal infrastructure investment.