What our clients say?

AMLA product is quite stable. It serves its purpose well. OFS as a vendor provides the support as expected. Personnel are accommodating and highly professional. They are easy to work with and listen to customers well. Same goes with their local partner SSCGI.
Mr. Joel Ching Head, Systems Development - Security Bank Corporation
Carlos L. Chuakay Jr., AVP & AML Officer - PBCOM Compliance Group
Our bank have been using AML Base60 since 15 October 2007 and has given us the opportunity to comply with practically all AML regulatory requirements. The system is easy to use and is capable of absorbing additional enrichments as required by the regulators from time to time. Alert scenarios that were built into AML Base60, both for the customer and transaction modules, effectively helped our business units to monitor their accounts accordingly. On-site technical support is readily available both from OFS and SSCGI. Congratulations to OFS and SSCGI as more and more banks are now using AML Base60.

Base60 AML is a robust solution built on latest technology with Service Oriented Architecture; it is a web based solution with an enterprise wide approach that analyzes both the client profiles and all of their transactions using Rules based scenarios, Patterns and Monetary Thresholds. Base60 AML is built on J2EE architecture, thus, help banks achieve greater convenience and ease of use and achieve faster roll-out with minimal infrastructure investment.